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Our survey is now closed. Please feel free to check out livelovehoop.com to find out more about us :)
How long have you been hula hooping?

Where did you first hear about hula hooping?

Just choose ONE answer from the list below

Why did you start hula hooping?

What makes you continue hula hooping?

Is there a hoop product or service that is not currently available, that you would love us to create?

Go wild, think big!
Aside from hula hooping what hobbies / sports / fitness activities do you like to do?

e.g. Yoga, Zumba, Gym, Sewing, Tennis etc
Have you ever attended any of LiveLoveHoops classes, events, teacher training etc?

Where did you first hear about LiveLoveHoop?

Just choose ONE answer from the list below

What have you purchased from us?

How would you describe LiveLoveHoop to a friend?

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?

1 heart being least likely, 10 being most likely.

What is the reason for your rating?

Was there ever anything that almost stopped you buying from us?

What was it that almost stopped you?

Did you consider buying from another company before deciding to go with LiveLoveHoop?

Which other hoop company did you consider buying from?

Why did you choose LiveLoveHoop instead?

Have you bought anything from other hoop companies in the last year?

Which hoop companies are they?

Please list them below
What makes you likely to buy from a specific hoop company?

Is there anything that would put you off buying from a specific hula hoop company?

What is your preferred method of learning new things?

In the last month how often did you hula hoop?

Do you teach and/or perform hula hooping?

How often do you teach/perform?

Would you like to teach/perform?

What is holding you back?

In a typical month, how much do you spend on hooping?

e.g. Classes, buying hoops, hoop events, outfits for hooping etc.

In the last year what have you spent money on?

Which online classes did you purchase?

Tell us more about these online classes

What did you like most about online hoop classes?

Is there anything you dislike about these classes?

Is there anything missing in the online hoop class world that you would like to see created?

You're almost done! Just a few quick personal questions so we can get in touch with you if you win the prize!

Personal details

Name *

Phone *


Closest city/town

Are you currently...?

If working, what do you do for work?

How many children do you have, if any?

What social media have you used in the last month?

Is it OK to contact you in the future about classes/events in your area, or follow-up questions? *

We promise not to spam you or pass your contact details on to anyone else.
Do you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to suggest to us? Any burning question you would like answered?

Thank you SO much for completing our survey.

You are now in the draw to win a free hula hoop and a 1-1 private lesson (in person or via Skype) with LiveLoveHoop founder Jo Mondy. We will announce the winner on Wednesday 22 March.

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